Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A review of "Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-11: The Penumbral Accords"

Note:  This review is made entirely from the player side of the table.  I have not 'seen behind the screen,' so there will not be much information from that perspective.

There are also very big spoilers, so if you are planning on playing this scenario, and want to be surprised, you should probably not read much further.

Overview:  The Blackros family entered into a slave trading agreement with some 'bad guys' from the shadow plane.  Now that agreement entails giving over a couple of their own daughters, so the Blackros family wants the agreement to be broken.  The pathfinders are hired to go into the museum at night, and break the agreement and save the daughters.

Combats:  The combats were pretty good, though our particular group had a harder time with the golem than we did with the "boss" at the end.  The DR possessed by this golem made the fight take longer than it probably should have.  The raptor that we encountered at the very beginning of the encounter can also hit pretty hard.  It one shotted our party's eidolon, and it has quite a few natural attacks.  Fortunately, once we got some hits in on it, it didn't take long to get down.  The alchemist knocked our cleric unconscious, but our bard was able to save the day in recovering him.  So, at the end of the day, the combats were good.  They were challenging but not impossible, dangerous, but probably not pushing the TPK risk.  Of course, our GM may have been fudging some rolls, but I didn't perceive this from where I was sitting.

Role Playing:  There are some great opportunities to role play, and there are some moral decisions that have to bed made along the way.  The group encounters several slaves along their journey in the museum and these could really be played out if that's how your group likes to play.

Faction Missions:  Since this is a season 2 scenario, the newer factions will have to share missions with one of the original factions.  That's OK  but something to be aware of.  We had 3 people all doing the Taldor mission.  There is also some tension between a couple of the missions.  The Cheliax mission requires silence of one particular slave, whereas one of the other factions requires getting a slave to tell 'his story.'  This made for some RP tension between a couple of our characters.  If your group can handle that maturely, then it can be fun, otherwise it could be a bit of a problem.

Time/Prep:  Our GM had maps made ahead of time, but they didn't seem super complex.  There are a couple of mechanics from classes that a GM would have to be familiar with, the monk's ki, the alchemist, construct traits, low light fighting, and balance on slippery surfaces.  The entire scenario also only took our group 3 hours to get through.  I do not know if there was an optional encounter that was skipped or not, I didn't get a look at things from that end.

Overall:  I had a great time playing this mission out.  There is a little bit of a go to room, kill the bad guys, go to next room, kill the bad guys, but our GM did a good job of playing these out and not making them tedious.  The missions were fun, and made for some good RP options in our group.  The difficulty was challenging but never felt impossible.

I would recommend giving this one a play through, it was a good time as a player.

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