Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Review of the Keep Part 2

So in my last post, and yes, admittedly it has been a couple of weeks... I reviewed prepping for a game session with NBOS software The Keep.

I have now had the chance to run 2 games from behind my laptop using The Keep, and can share my experience and advice angle.

First, having all of the information in one place was FAN-TASTIC.  No shuffling of papers, no needing to look things up, it was all just right there.  That said, if you don't put EVERYTHING in there, expect to still do some looking up and web surfing to find what you want.  This can mean that you might have to prep a little more to make the absolute most of out of the keep.  If you leave something out, that something might become important and require you to do some on the spot research, which is something we would all love to avoid.

That stuff aside, the best perk in the keep for my group was a little part of The Keep called the GM screen.  This lets you hook another monitor up to your laptop, and whenever you click on an image in the keep, it can be projected only to the second screen.  This allowed me to constantly be showing our group what they were fighting, I was also able to show a map in a PFS game when we fell way behind on time so that we could move things a long faster.  My players love the GM screen.

I'd be happy to answer any further questions, so ask away, and I still recommend The Keep!

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